I am so glad I decided to have Visual Management Technology installed for my shop. VMT enabled me to pinpoint a specific situation that was preventing the shop from expanding. Once that situation was handled the sales increased so much, I had to get another tech and a new lift to cover the extra business that was coming in!

Steve McNamara, H Heaven Auto, Huntington Beach, CA


Knowledge is power. VMT gives us easy access to the data we need to effectively operate our business, even when we are not there. With the help of our highly trained VMT consultant, we are able to identify and quickly correct situations in our shop as well as reinforce the successful actions which contribute to higher productivity, sales and profitability.

VMT enables us to have our entire employee handbook available online, including exact policies and procedures that we have implemented. The custom video library makes ongoing training a snap for us and for our employees. Having all these tools is powerful stuff!

Peyton & Nancy Knight, Knight's Automotive Repair, Ledgewood, NJ


Having VMT has added to the tools we have available to train an employee on any area of the shop. And I don’t have to do the training! We have had some big successes on VMT. It has been one of the best things we have done to get our staff fully trained and working well.

Dino Di Giulio, Body Best Collision, Sonoma, CA


In the automotive repair business repeat customers are a big part of being successful. We rely on customers coming back and sending people they know in for service. We were falling short on repeat business and I couldn't figure out why. With Management Success's VMT program and the help of their knowledgeable consultants I was able to monitor my service writer handling the customers when I wasn't around. I was able to strengthen my service writer and since then, our number of repair orders has been rising and I've had customers comment to me they are happy with the change. VMT has given me the help I needed to see my shop through a new set of eyes.

Larry Goff, Ace Auto Doctor & Repair, Bettendorf, IA


What first attracted me was the training that my employees could get with VMT. Plus, there is consistent training. If there’s a problem in the shop and stats go down, the Management Success team can send them a training video package to fix the problem, which is exactly what they do. I knew VMT would give me a more stable business and it could essentially run without me even being there.

Randy Bunn, Quaility Plus Automotive, Raleigh, NC


The VMT program has had a very positive impact on my business over this past year. I have been working for so long to put all of the information and technology that I have learned over the years from Management Success into practical everyday use in my shop. Now with the use of VMT it brings it all together. I have found that VMT has made my job as the owner much easier.

Michael Button, Affordable Automotive, Chico, CA