Visual Management includes a suite of real-time video cameras placed strategically throughout key production areas in the shop. This allows the shop owner and consultant to home in on the exact sources of lower productivity and allows the strong areas to be viewed and reinforced.


Utilizing VMT's real-time video allows you and your employees to actually see and hear what happened. If something went well, the video can be viewed and you'll know why. If something didn't go well it can be reviewed and the exact departure located so it can be corrected. Seeing is believing. And with this resource you'll never have to guess.

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The Digital Video Recorder component allows video playback and review features.

Video is an important resource for a shop owner and their consultant to isolate and address the hot spots in shops in order to increase productivity.

Up to 16 Real-Time Video Cameras are placed in strategic positions for management decisions, as determined by your shop's specific floor plan.