What is Visual Management Technology

VMT, a DRIVE software product, is a graphical easy-to-visualize approach of managing shops with the purpose of making complex management concepts simple, practical and easy to put into effect. It includes real-time video cameras placed in strategic locations, visual training aids for all shop personnel and web-based graphical productivity analysis.


Visual Management Technology involves looking at the way things really are in a shop. An in-person on-site inspection is part of the process. The inspection results are then compared to the other components of VMT.


Statistitcal management is simplified when the statistics are automatically imported from original sources of data entry (such as the shop's website or RO system feeding the stats software).


The lowest form of "policy" is none at all. The next is verbal policy. Above that are written policies. And the top-level is multimedia policy containing video examples, audio descriptions, illustrations and text. These are bundled as packages of information which then test or receive feedback from the personnel affected by the policy.


Comprehensive hats require a lot of work to develop. And they are even more valuable when employee hatting steps can be delivered and tracked via the net by the shop owner.


It's easier to repair an engine or assemble parts of a vehicle with a strong set of diagrams. The same concept applies to management. A team works better when each member can view an on-line set of diagrams tailored to the work they do.


Visual Management includes a suite of real-time video cameras placed strategically throughout key production areas in the shop. This allows the shop owner and consultant to home in on the exact sources of lower productivity and allows the strong areas to be viewed and reinforced.


Planning & programming actions can be coordinated between shop owners and consultants using on-line planning and management checklist software. Each action is checked off when completed.


The employee hiring process is vital to the success of a shop. Existing personnel can be tested for their understanding of basic shop policies. And prospective hires can be tested to assess their comprehension of the basic points that guide your hiring decisions.


With VMT not only are you able to see what's happening in your shop(s) via the internet, you can access your shop from virtually any location from a variety of hand-held devices.


With the aid of live cameras and video review VMT is the most effective and precise consulting available. It is not only what is seen that makes it so powerful but also what is not seen. It takes out the guesswork so that vital business decisions are correctly made. VMT is the future in business consultation.